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what is chikankari?

Chikankari embroidery is a traditional art form of embroidery work famous in the Awadhi Region (Primarily Lucknow and Faizabad) in Uttar Pradesh.

It is believed as one of the most ancient forms of embroidery art In India. With its roots assembled in Lucknow, it is popularly also known as Lucknowi Chikan or Lucknowi Chikanakri

Many stories are prevalent regarding the origin of Chikankari embroidery in India. History dates back that Megasthenes has referred to the use of work similar to Chikankari Embroidery in the early 3rd century

However, there is a local story behind the origin of chikankari art.They say once a Persian traveler was traveling. He felt thirsty and asked a local for water. Happy with the hospitality of the poor peasant he taught him the art with the intention that throughout his life this poor man will not remain hungry


Back in history, the credit for developing this art goes back to the  Mughals. Historian says that Noorjahan who herself was a highly skilled embroideress made cloth out of chikan to please his emperor Jahangir

Jahangir became fond of chikankari embroidery and has developed many workshops in his tenure for promoting the Chikankari work.

Chikankari initially was the art of grafting white thread on white clothes. In later stages, it transformed to stitching color threads on voice clothes and vice versa. It is a very delicate and intrinsic art.

Every chikankari product has a tale to tell. Starting from imprinting design with wooden blocks using Neel on fabric. Then, start the journey of crafting with a delicate and soft hand using a sharp needle and bundles of threads on clothes

Once the karigari is done, then the Dhobis washed the clothes to remove the dirt and the block marks. After starching the garment is ready to be sold in the market.

Empress Noorjehan Orignator of Chikankari emboidery in India
Credits go to Noor Jahan, wife of Jahangir for originating Chikankari in India
Nishwa Chikan- Bakhiya Stitches

who we are

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Nishwa Chikan is a team of individuals who are committed to achieving customer delight. We are engaged in the production of best-in-class Lucknow Chikankari suits, Kurtis, unstitched Suits, Plazzo, Churidar’s, Sarees, and dress material.

It is in our best effort to keep this art alive by providing a platform to the local karigar to showcase their art to the world

Nishwa Chikan act as a medium between the creator and the end consumer of chikankari products. Bringing a smile to the face of these highly skilled karigars is the main objective of our team

Our main focus is on providing the best quality chikan dress, suits, and sarees to the customer at an affordable price we aim at placing a fine piece of chikanakari product in every wardrobe.

Our Chikankari embroidery artists mainly are women from the lower-earning groups but full of enthusiasm and dreams in their eyes.

We at Nishwa Chikan  provide these women the platform to sell their Products to the domestic as well as International markets.

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