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12 Tips To Beat The Heat This Scorching Summer.

In India, Holi embarks on the arrival of Summer. With the mercury soaring to a level of 49°C is the new normal for summer these days. In such harsh and humid weather, it becomes really difficult how one can beat the heat.

You can’t always sit in an AC room or dive in a pool full of water. Here we will guide you on how you can beat the heat naturally. By practicing these tips you will not only feel cool but cut down heavily on your expenses on electric bills.

So let’s Dive straight into the article.

Key TakeAway

Use Cotton and other Coler fabrics in Summer. Avoid tight-fitting clothes

Avoid using large meals. Increase intake of fresh and citrus fruits. Keep yourself hydrated

Avoid the sun as much as you can. Use Sunscreen, shades when steeping out in the Sun

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is an essential element of life. Two-third of the world is covered with water. Even our body is composed of 70% of water. Keeping your body hydrated throughout the year is vital for your health. But in summer its becomes more important to keep your body hydrated as you lose more water from the body in the form of Sweat.

Man Drinking water from bottle

When Sun is Blazing hot outside it makes your body sweat. Sweat is nothing but an act of a reaction. Think it this way as your body is like an Air Conditioner

So just in the case of the Air conditioner when it starts cooling it absorb the water from the air and expel it out. In the same way, when our body is heated may be due to hot weather or exercise we sweat. Our internal Air-conditioner tries to expel the water in the form of sweat. The internal AC of our body need coolant i.e the water to function properly

Water is a Natural Coolant. It not only cools our body but also supplies fresh oxygen. Water is almost free(sometimes it cost Rs 20 a liter for packed drinking water ). It is easily available as compared to other liquid Drinks in the market.

Eat More Citrus Fruits To Beat The Heat

Keeping your body hydrated is essential in summer to beat the heat. But always drinking water is sometimes boring as our body needs other minerals too. However, you can compensate for your water intake by eating citrus fruits. Citrus fruits like Oranges, Watermelon, leechees not only compensate for water intake but also supply other nutrients to your body.

basket full of citrus fruits

Watermelon, muskmelon, and Cucumber are composed mainly of water. They released your thirst but also act as a coolant to keep your body cool.

Watermelon is composed of 90% water. Besides Water, it is also rich in Vitamin A, B6, and C, a lot of antioxidants, amino acids, and lycopene. Moreover, you can eat as much as you want without thinking about adding an extra inch to your belly as it has no fat. According to ITFN, eating 100 gm of watermelon can provide you with approx 30 calories. To know more about any fruit Nutritional benefits visit ITFN website

two glassesof watermelon juice

Watermelon is good for your heart and skin. It is full of electrolytes that compensate for your water intake and also provide you with a shield against heatstroke.

Drink Local Drinks

Every country has its own local drinks to battle the Mighty Cola of the West. These local drinks not only have local flavor and aroma but are prepared by keeping the nutritional value required for the weather in mind. So you can sip these local drinks to beat the heat during summer without worrying much.


It is more popular in northern India. Lassi is prepared from Curd(Dahi in local language). Curd is good for the stomach. It is composed of good bacteria that act as a catalyst to digest food in summer.

Nimbu Pani

As Mention Above there is no substitute for citrus juice but you can not eat lemon as it is very tangy. Lemon is a high source of Vitamin C and is necessary for the skin. Take a sip of nimbu pani and beat the scorching summer heat.

glass of lemon juice with mint

Sugar cane juice

With the advent of summer, you find stalls at every nook and corner of the street selling fresh sugar cane juice. Freshly squeezed sugar cane juice with mint and lemon acts as a refresher drink. It provides instant energy when you feel low due to hot and humid weather.

Aam Pana

Its a vegan summer cooldrinks made of unripe magoes (Kachha Aam or Ambiya). Aam Pana is a rich source of Vitamin C and is good for health. It is made by crushing the unripe Mango after removing its seeds with a tint of Cumin seed and Pudina leaves( Mint). Its sweet and tangy taste activates your taste buds.

Rooh Afza Sharbat

One of my personal favorites since childhood. No matter how tired I am a glass of Rooh Afza sharbat with a tint of lemon does wonder for me. I prefer Drinking Rooh Afza as its all ingredients are either natural fruits or Ark( essential oils) of herbs like Rose, cinnamon, mint, kewra, etc

Sattu Drink

In Bihar and Purwanchal you can easily find a unique drink made out of Sattu. Sattu is a mixture of Gramflour( chana) and Sorghum( Jowar). It is very rich in protein. Normally in rural India, you will find that people eat sattu by forming its paste with sugar or jaggery. But in Bihar and Purvanchal people like to have Sattu drink. It comes in both sweet and salty variations.

If you take a glass of sattu you will not crave food at least for 2 to 3 hours. It is called the poor man Protein. In urban India, it’s gaining more prominence as a superfood due to its dietary supplement

Wear Breathable Clothes To Beat The Heat

Every Weather has its own impact on the human body. In winter we wear clothes that prevent body heat from flowing out. In contrast, in summer we wear clothes that are more breathable and absorbent in nature. in summer we want o to wear clothes that are not only comfortable but also stylish. Below is listed some variety of clothes one should prefer bearing in order to beat the heat waves in summer.

One point of caution no matter which fabric you wear. Try to avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes in Summer as your body need air to cool itself. Wearing loose clothing will save you from the problem of itching caused in summer.


Is undoubtedly the first choice of everyone rich or poor in the scorching summer heat. It’s very stylish and available in different pattern textures and designs. Short and Long Kurti made of cotton remains the first choice amongst the youngsters.

Women prefer Sarees And Maxi dresses made out of Cotton. Men prefer wearing loose Kurta and Pyjama .in rural India and in villages, people prefer wearing Gamchas( Scarf for Men) made of Cotton to protect themselves from the scorching summer heatwaves.

Cotton comes in great Variety

Cotton is very Comfortable and absorbent in nature. However one needs to be aware as it leaves a stain on the body and on the fabric itself if the dye used to color is not of good quality after sweating.

Chikankari when blended on White Cotton Becomes the Masterpiece. Cotton Chikankari Kurti is in Fad during the Summer Season. It’s more famous among the young generation and the office goers. Chikankari Sarees made out of cotton is the latest hit among south Indian ladies. Try Our Latest Range of Chikankari Collection here.


Is Man-made fabric. It’s very soft and subtle and feels light on the body. Today women prefer wearing Rayon over cotton as it’s more breathable. Be it long Anarkali frock or Long A shape front open Kurti.


It’s the most breathable clothes and dates back to the oldest cloth known to mankind. It is made of the flax plant and is the most expensive in the category. Linen is super cool and absorbent. linen is porous in nature and when wet with sweat it gives you the feeling of air coming from the Summer cooler.

Linen is the first choice among the office goer due to its subtle looks and design. It’s also a class statement for many.

To know more about the variety of Clothing to wear in Summer Just Click here

Takes Shower Twice

So what do you do when you want to cool off something Hot? You sprinkle water Right. Well, when our body is heated up it needs to be cooled off from inside and outside.

Child bathing in open in summer

So when you feel that it is unbearable to bear the heat and you want to beat the heat in summer noon head to your washroom and take a shower. Use Mint base shower gel or soap to give you the cooling effect. Mint has a very cooling effect and you feel cool even if you smell it

Showering lowers the body temperature instantly. You feel light after shoer in the hot summer at noon. Even it’s too hot outside it will take atlest 2 hours for your body to heat up again. If you feel the need for another shower just go for it.

Cool Off Your Makeup Kit

Keep your lipstick in the refrigerator in Summer. They might melt if kept at room temperature. Applying a Cold Lipstick also gives you a soothing effect.

set of colorful lipstick
Keep your lipstick refrigerated

Apply Water-Based Sunscreen

During summer noon Sun is blazing hot. At this time of the day, ultraviolet rays from the sun are at their peak. The heatwaves and the ultraviolet rays can damage your skin.

Apply a water-based Sunscreen lotion in summer as you sweat a lot. Use sunscreen of adequate SPF as per your skin desirability. Avoid using normal oil-based sunscreen as it could get Greasy to make you look messed up.

Try Aroma Therapy

Make some adjustments to your makeup kit. Include Mint base shower gel. Use perfumeries that have menthol in them. Menthol has a cooling effect. Instead of Deorants spray use Deo Roll-on Bar as its lasts longer. Go for oil-based natural Itr(Atar) as they last long on a hot day. Avoid using strong perfumes. Go for the mild fragrances

Use fragrance based wipes

Keep a small packet of wet wipes always handy. Apply it on your face and on your palm to keep you cool in the sun. Keep a Gulab Jal( Rosewater )in your purse. Sprinkle it on your face whenever you need it.

Take Small Diets

The scorching heat has a negative impact on your dietary habits. You are in frequent need to replenish your water intake hence sometimes you skip meals which can impact your body’s metabolism.

Make adjustments in your eating habits. Instead of a full meal go for the short meal at regular intervals. When you eat a large meal the body has to work more thus producing heat and making you feel uncomfortable.

Avoid Oily Foods

One Must Avoid foods that are slow to digest. Oily food in summer is hard to digest causing indigestion. You should also avoid eating high protein foods like Meat Cheese etc. Instead one should prefer light foods which are easy to digest.

If you have a habit of having tea try to replace it with Ice tea or cold coffee

Avoid going in Sun

Unless it is very important for you to skip going out in sun especially in the Afternoon. If you Can’t avoid going out in sun try the tips below

women wearing goggles walking on road to beat the heat
Always Wear full sleeve clothes and goggles

Use Shade When Outside In The Sun

The ultraviolet rays of Sun are very powerful during the daytime. While stepping out in sun be it for some work or some business lunch or for shopping, always wear good quality goggles. Your eyes are the most delicate part and they need protection from the Sun

Wear Full Sleeves Clothes

The ultraviolet rays during summer can tan your body parts that are exposed to Sun. You could get tan and even end up having prickly heat and rashes. Try to wear full sleeves shirts when stepping out in the Sun.

You can also carry a small umbrella to protect yourself from direct sunlight.

Make your Room Airy To Beat The Heat

Your Bedroom is the place where you spent most of the time if you are not in the Kitchen. Try to make some improvement in the room if you don’t have the option of shifting to a lower floor.

Room with transparent and dark curtain

Start by increasing the height of the fan from the roof. Everyone knows and it’s not rocket science that hot air moves upward. So by increasing the height of the fan rod will allow the movement of hot air above the fan. You will notice a sublime decrease in your room temperature.

Try to make changes to your Curtain. You can use double curtains. light shade and fabric for morning and night and for the daytime heavy fabric to avoid penetration of Sun rays in the room.

If you are using a Summer Cooler for your room make a point to get it serviced. Replace the Grass or the matt inside a cooler. Use an air-exhausting fan to pump out the hot air. Avoid closing windows as your room would then turn into a heated oven.

Avoid Sitting In Hot Car

Many a time it happens we park our car in the Sun when we go grocery shopping or visit a doctor or hoping in the mall . When we come back we find that our Car is like a hot oven from inside. At first, instance avoid sitting in the car.

The reason is when you hop inside a hot car your body is at a different temperature than your car’s inner temperature. This could result in you getting a heat stroke as our body need time to adjust to temperature So what one can do to avoid such a situation

Here is a short but effective technique once should apply to instantly cool their car before sitting in it. This video is about a Japanese technique to cool off your car and decrease the temperature inside the car.

Watch the video here

Know Your Body Cooling Point

Every individual has a better understanding of their Body. For example, everyone knows where is the ticklish point in their body. Similarly, everyone is aware of the cooling points in their body. Some have a cooling point on the neck, some on their feet some at the wrist, or some at the belly.

Try locating your body’s cooling point. Place a piece of cloth in the freezer and when you feel the heat is unbearable apply this cloth on your body’s cool point.

Putting a cold piece of cloth on your face helps you cool faster. You can even try dipping your feet in a tub of cold water.

At nights when you feel you are not able to sleep due to hot weather try these simple tricks

  • Sprinkle some Rose leaves on your Bed. Roses have a pleasing and soothing Appeal. It creates an illusion of a cool environment on your mind and helps in improving your mood making you feel better.
  • You can Keep your Blanket wrapped in a plastic bag in a freezer section of your freeze. When you are about to sleep use these blankets to get a cooling effect.
  • Store some slices of Cucumber in your fridge. Not only eating cucumber cools off your body but applying cucumber slices on your eyes will help you to reduce the puffiness of the eyes, It will soothe your eyes making you relax faster as eyes are one of the cooling points of Everyone’s body.
 bottle of rose essential oil
Rose in any form makes you feel cooler


See the fact is you cannot control the Sun but you can certainly control your body and your surroundings.

Ok, now it’s time to have a glass of Nimbu Pani with a load of ice and sit back and relax. don’t forget to comment if you like this piece of work

Enjoy the Summer !!!

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