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5 Things Lucknow famous for you will fall in love with.

Lucknow or the city of Nawabs as they commonly call has been glorified as the city of Tehjeeb. Apart from this, these are the 5 things Lucknow is famous for that will make you fall in love with this city

Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh on the banks of River Gomti. On one hand, the city houses both the traditional and cultural heritage dated back to Nawab’s in (the Old Lucknow or Punara Lucknow “) and on the other hand is the new and modern City (Trans Gomti Area).

Historically also, Lucknow was the capital of the Awadh region. Earlier Delhi’s sultanate ruled the city and later it was the Mughal empire. As a result, Mughal’s then made the Nawab’s of Awadh its ruler. During the Nawab’s rule, the city prospered as a great cultural and artistic hub.

The Nawab’s were famous for their lavish life and their love for the arts. During their rule, they built many monuments which still stand tall telling their glorious past.

After Nawab’s, it was the British who took over the charge of the city. The British ruled Lucknow for almost 150 years before India got its freedom. As a result, their architectural style impact can be seen on some buildings in Lucknow

Chikankaari Work

Chikankari as the word suggests is a form of embroidery. This art dates back to the Mughal period. The art is now synonymous with Lucknow and is Lucknow’s famous clothes worldwide.

Originally, it used to be an art of stitching white threads on white cloth. The chikankari artisans engrave the design on the cloth through a needle.

The variety of fabrics used in chikankari made it popular among users. The comfort of wearing it in summer made muslin the first choice.

However, nowadays to feed the appetite of the end-user and to meet design complexities cotton, mulmul, georgette, chiffon, and even rayon are also used.

Firstly, You can find the hub of shops in the Chowk area of the old city. Secondly, you can also visit Ameenabad Bazaar for good quality chikan work Kurtas for Men. If you are an art lover and looking for the premium range you can visit ADA Chikan at Hazrat Ganj. You can also visit Sewa chikan at Kalidas Marg.

To sum up, You Can Also See the Collection of Chikankari Work by Clicking Here


Old heritage monuments of Lucknow have a huge impact on Mughal architecture and British on their architectural style. Most of the prominent buildings were built by the Nawab’s as they had a great love for arts and culture. Some of the prominent sites worth visiting in Lucknow are:

Bara Imambara made Lucknow famous worldwide

Bara Imambara is situated in the Hussainabad area of old Lucknow. Imambara was built by Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula in the year 1794. The main objective behind constructing this building was to provide jobs. A feminine struck in 1780 and to fight the feminine the Nawab proposed the construction of the building.

Lucknow famous Asafi Masjid
asafi masjid in Lucknow Bara Imam bara Compund

It is said that normal labor uses to construct the building during the daytime. And, at night, the elite people were employed to demolish it. It took some 14 years to complete the construction.

The complex house an Asafi masjid named after Asaf-ud Daula, a bhool bhullya (labyrinth), and a bowli (a well full of fresh water for bathing).

The central hall of the ImamBara is one of the world’s largest roofs built without any support of pillars, iron, or wood.

Roomi Gate or Rumi Darwaza

Built-in 1784 stand a tall 18-meter high entrance adjacent to Bara Imambara is Rumi Darwaza.

During famines, the highly esteemed people of Lucknow refused to take patronage from the royal treasury. After that Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula decided to build it under the work for food or money Program.

The building stands in the midst of the busy road and marks as an entry to the old city. The massive gate structure takes inspiration from bab- e- Humayun in Istanbul turkey

Rumi gate is now the official image of Lucknow. You can easily identify it from the Lucknow metro rail Logo or from the Lucknow Mahotsav logo.

The Residency

Lucknow is also famous for British Residency and for the tragic event that took place here. The residency or the British residency is a group of buildings. British used it as a residential complex at that time. The residency is located in the heart of Lucknow city. Now only the remains of the ruined building’s exits

About 2000 British residents were burnt alive during the revolt of 1857. There are graves of 2000 men women and children near the ruined church. The shot of canon and bullets can still be seen today.

the light show is held in the evening daily to highlight the incident of that era


Once two old passengers were traveling from Lucknow to somewhere. As The Train arrived at the Platform, Everyone started rushing towards the gate to board the train. The two old men stood calmly waiting for the mob to subside.As the situation became normal:

The first old man said to the fellow man “Pehle Aap “. The second man replied, ” jee pehle Aap”. This kept on going for 10 min and the engine started. Someone from inside the train shouted

Are Chacha train per chad jaiye .kahin aapke pehle aap pehle aap ke chakkar me train Na chhoot jaye.

Well, this was on the lighter note but in real life too you will find people in Lucknow to be very subtle and well cultured. They carry on the old patronage of Nawabi culture and speak in a low tone. People carry warmth in nature and are willing to help people. The older generation of people till today have very high esteem. To begin with, This goes back to nawabi era where even during the famines the people of Lucknow reused to take patronage from the royal treasury.

Lucknow famous food is Tundey Kebab’s for sure

Tundey in the local language means a person with a disability of hand. Haji Murad Ali, the founder of Tundey kabab, lost his hand while flying a kite. He had a great love for cooking.

They say once an old Nawab who could not eat hard meat as he had lost all his teeth. So he decided to run a contest for cooking kebab that he could eat. So in that Contest, Hazi Murad Ali prepared such soft and mouth-watering kebabs that could melt in the mouth. He eventually end up winning that contest and this is how Tunday Kebabi was formed.

Today one can surely say that Lucknow’s famous food is Tunday ke kabab.

The secret recipes of these mouth-watering kebabs ran through generations. The original store started from the chowk area and still serves its customers from there

People who want to avoid the hustle and traffic of old town can visit Ameenabad. Here you can enjoy the same taste with the comfort of fine dining

They Say

Agar lucknow aaye aur tundey ke kabab nhi kahaye toh kya khaak lucknow aaye

Tundey Kababi today has many outlets in and around Lucknow. Above all, they also have a franchise in some major cities of India

Dassheri Mangoes: Lucknow famous Sweet

Everyone loves to eat mangoes. In northern India, they call mango a KING of fruits. Lucknow is famous for its dassheri mangoes

Mangoes are grown on thousands of acres of land in Malihabad. Firstly, Malihabadi mangoes or Dussheri Aam are world-famous for their taste. Secondly, the key feature of dussheri is the soft and smoothie pulp. In addition, When fully riped an individual dusseri can weigh approximately 500 gms.

The government awarded Hazi Kaleemullah with Padmshri for growing different variety of mangoes in his bagh’s. He has grown around 300 different varieties of mangoes on a single tree. People call him the “Mango Man” in the local area.

Daawat-e-Aam or mango parties are common in Malihabad. Even government arranges mango festivals to promote the growth of mangoes in the region.

Ghalib,the famous poet wrote

Rut Aam ki aaye aur na ho Yaar
Jee apna hai kisi rut se bazaar

Beside this Lucknow is also famous for

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