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This Summer Wear Light Clothes, Stay Comfortable

Summer has approached. Heatwaves are blowing up and raising the mercury level in India. It becomes really important to decide what to wear this summer. The temperature has just started rising and it will keep on rising till July. People try different things to cool off themselves. Besides drinking plenty of fluids and water to beat the heat one should also wear clothes that are lightweight and make you feel comfortable when you step out in the Sun.

Unlike in winter where you can wear anything in summer you have to be very careful in deciding on your choice of fabric. As for summer plenty of fabric options are available to beat the heat. So while deciding what to wear this summer one should consider fabrics that are lightweight and breathable. In this article, we will walk you through the fabric to choose from this summer.

Cotton: Must Have In Summer

Cotton is best summer wear

It’s the most versatile fabric. Cotton can be wear throughout the year. It is the all-season favorite fabric but for summer it’s an absolute must-have. Cotton is soft and light.it absorbs the sweat fast making you feel light.

It is quite breathable and helps in reducing body heat by the flow of air. Cotton is available in almost all colors and patterns. However, there is no comparison to white cotton in summer.

Cotton clothes do not require much care. However, sometimes color fading does happen in the case of light colors due to sweat.

Many clothes are made by mixing cotton in adequate quantities. Cotton is available in hand-dyed, digital prints, Pakistani, and in the Lucknow Chikankari. Kurti forms.

You also have the option to choose from different styles. Cotton can be molded to form Kurtis, Short Kurtis, Sahara Jaipuri Leharia suit, lehenga, Patiala salwar suits, and many styles you can think of.

Rayon-The Most Comfortable Fabric In Summer

Girl wears a Rayon dress on hot Summer Day
Rayon dress embroidery chikhankari

It is a man-made fabric. Rayon fibers are very delicate and for this reason, its the most breathable fabric in comparison to other man-made fabric.

Generally, Rayon is used for making sportswear but recently it has been used for making summer clothes. Pure rayon is very delicate and requires care. It is often mixed with other materials like cotton to amplify its durability.

The contemporary Arts like Chikankari have also started making use of Rayon. Nowadays long Chikankari Kurti with designer Neck is in fashion. Rayon also provides the flexibility to Chikankari Karifar to Use a dark color which is not possible on Rayon or other Fabrics.

Young women prefer to wear Short Chikankari Kurti over Jeans or jegging in Summer.

Linen: Wear It With Pride This Summer

Linen Kurti most bearthable apparel for summer

The word Linen originates from west Germany and in Latin, it means (linom) ie the name of the flax plant. Linen is made from the fiber of the flax plant. It is made from natural fiber hence it is more breathable.

It is the oldest fabric known to mankind with significance related to the BIBLE. Linen feels cold when it is touched. It is a smooth fiber and becomes soft on washing.

linen was initially used to make table cloth, bed sheet, etc due to its durable nature. Nowadays Linen is back in fashion as it is the most breathable fabric. Now women prefer wearing pants made out of linen pairing it with any Kurta.

Linen is more famous amongst the office goer women as it provides them the elegant looks and they wear it as a luxury item as pure linen is costly

Linen is super absorvent fabric and it help in maintaing the body temperature during hot and humid climate in India .

Chambray Fabric: Identical Twin of Denim To Wear This Summer

Wearing Denim in summer can be quite frustrating as it gets sticking to the body on absorbing moisture. Chambray is often confused as denim. Although it quite similar in terms of texture but it is quite lighter than denim,

Chambray kurti

The uniqueness of the fabric in the num of threads used while weaving it. A small thread of cotton is used to make a chambray making it more breathable and lighter than Denim.

The contemporary use of this fabric is to replace denim during summer. Chambray fabric can be dyed in vibrant color but most people prefer it to dye it in the same shade as denim. In modern days designers use chambray to make products like a crop top, jackets, pants.

Silk Georgette: Elegant And Stylish Summer Wear Fabric

girl wearing a silk lehenga

Georgette is one of the stylish and most feminine fabrics. Silk georgette is used in many creative ways by designer while making clothes. It can be used with any simple T-shirt or Dress to glamorize it.

If you are feeling a little dull you can wear a classic kimono and you are ready. Silk georgette kimono can be born on the beach too.

Silk georgette is a light breathable fabric with a flowy nature. It is sheer and translucent. Georgette is a very flowy fabric and has a nice structure and Drape making it the first choice of the designer, particularly for long dresses and Skirts.

Georgette can be topped on any other fabric and adding more glamour to the outfits. So if you are planning a dress for an evening function you can either drape an Indian Saree or even try a long Gown without worrying about the Rising Mercury and you can add some more degree to the atmosphere with your oomph and style

Hosiery: The No-Nonsense Fabric for Summer

Last but not Least Hosiery is a fabric you can always look up to for any casual dress. Be it a simple T-shirt or a short or nightdress hosiery provide you the comfort. You can manage your day by wearing any fabric but to beat the heat in Summer at night you need to have hosiery as your first choice

Hosiery fabric is very lightweight and sticks to your body giving you the impression that you have nothing heavy on your body. It requires little or no care and hence the best choice for your nightclothes.

Hosiery Night suit for Summer wear
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